It is Good to Doubt

Gururaj_blanco_negro_6It is good to doubt. Doubts spring from your mind—and remember, they have nothing to do with the teacher. If you overcome your doubt, you are overcoming the discrepancies of your mind. So doubt is good, because a doubt is the springboard for further inquiry. As you go on inquiring, inquiring, inquiring, you will find you have to knock for the door to be opened. You have to seek to find.

What necessity is there for great personages like Jesus and Krishna to take birth on this earth, to teach of higher principles? What purpose is there? Why should all this be happening? Why should you be suffering? Why are you not totally integrated? Is there something missing in our lives for which we are searching? Why are we here? We are searching for something, we are searching for a purpose. That purpose might not be a conscious search, for the mind is a funny animal. The mind can delude you to say that all this is purposeless, yet if we ask deep within ourselves, we feel there is something, and we are trying to find what that something is. There again the question arises, “Who am I?”

A real doubter must be an earnest seeker. Doubting should not be engendered by curiosity. Doubting should come from a genuine, sincere search. Why you seek sincerely you will overcome your doubts.

The going cannot be smooth all the time. The rose is beautiful but it comes with thorns. Everything in life is like that—everything.

Even if a person starts with doubt, it is good. At least a start is made and that is important.


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