Robert (Sujay) Anderson

sujayWhat would be the qualifications of a meditation teacher that you would feel trust and confident that they really knew what they were doing and had your best interests at heart.

I would offer these items for your consideration.

– I have been meditating since 1968

– I taught TM meditation for 10 years before I met Gururaj

– I spent 12 years virtually living with Guru Raj and traveling around the world with him, both learning from him and learning to face my own stuff honestly and fearlessly.

– Gururaj taught me how to be a teacher and healer.

Now these in and of themselves do not really answer the original question except that I was trained very well and walked through the fire of my own illusions facing them honestly and fearlessly.

Valor Video - The life of a Combat Marine in Vietnam and Back Again
Valor Video - The life of a Combat Marine in Vietnam and Back Again

BUT —- Most important for me being a teacher of meditation is that anyone who comes to me to be taught is the most important person in the world to me and their spiritual growth and well-being is more important to me than my own life – this is called commitment.

Being a teacher of meditation is the ultimate responsibility and requires ultimate commitment to the student – naturally the student must do their part.

You take the first step and if necessary I will carry you until you can walk on your own, or I will die in the attempt.

Love and blessings, Sujay

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