Samskaras are the patternings gathered through the process of evolution

Gururaj AnandaWe are today the product, the sum total of every action and every thought of the past. Nothing is ever destroyed, it is there eternally. All your actions and every thought that you have ever thought is there within your memory box, and that is what we call samskaras. We are nothing but a bundle of samskaras which has found its expression in mental and physical form.

Samskaras are a conglomeration of the actions we have done over the ages; they are the various impressions that have been gathered in what we call the mind. The mind is patterned, and it is these very patternings that form the veils that conceal the real “I.” The process is to find one’s real Self and to find the true Self we have to get rid of the samskaras.

The extent of the mind is as vast as the entire universe. Every experience gained since the primal atom, from the time of the big bang explosion when you were propelled forth as that minuscule atom, and all the experiences gained from that state right through mineral, plant, animal and then man—every experience exists in the mind. All those experiences remain in the mind, and those experiences are not destructible.


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