Problems in life

It is the little «I» itself that thinks it is going through a rough time because when the big «I» (or Observer) sees the little «I» going through a rough time, the big «I» becomes very happy. The big «I» becomes very happy in seeing that the little «I» is coming to some realization of its shortcomings and weaknesses and is now ready to face them.

Non dualism IV

Make the best out of these three score years and ten!! Now should I as a man or a woman or whatever not get rid of these memories, those impressions? Should I not start a different life in such a way that automatically those impressions will be obliterated? Now if this would happen to me, […]

Non dualism V

Why deny yourself of that beautiful joy of this so‑ called existence when you can have fun. What’s wrong with fun. Enjoy it. But be honest and sincere, that’s important.

We cannot exist on beliefs

If we do not pursue the things in life for which we have a real need, then we are wasting a very valuable life. When you are immersed in worldly ambitions, in the mundane, material things of life, I would never advocate that you throw them away. No—keep them, but let the mental attitude take […]

Good Intentions and Divine Will

Good intentions to relieve the suffering of others can turn out badly
Question of the motivation behind what you want to do – good deeds can be valueless
Work for the sake of doing it and not for the reward, for the recognition
Helping should not be as a duty – done without force or compulsion, not for a return

Meditation and drug taking

Meditation is not, and never could be a form of escape from reality. Drug taking is an escape from reality. Meditation is a way to make you face reality. The efforts of drug taking and meditation are directly opposite. One forms dependence, the other forms independence. Now because the entire body and the mind, the […]

The world around us is created by our hopes and fears

The world around us is governed by our conceptions and our perceptions. The world around us is created by our hopes and fears. When you are acting a role, as soon as you leave the stage you should forget it because it was only a role. We are playing in life; we are playing, playing, […]

True wisdom is gained when you discard acquired knowledge

True wisdom is gained when you discard acquired knowledge. A person who has developed sensitivity because of spiritual evolution is extremely sensitive to everything that happens, even to a flicker of the eyelid. Seemingly negative events do not affect him adversely, because in all of those actions there is the hand of Divinity. Drugs cannot […]