Gururaj Ananda Yogi in his young days

This is a picture sent by his son Biren for the website. It is Gururaj at his young days. He looks like him very much indeed. We thank the family  for the very kind and loving gesture towards this website. We hope to keep adding material for those interested in studyng the teachings, poetry and […]

I the Word

I am here today, perhaps not tomorrow.
Neither was I away, neither ever here.
From unseen vapour, mists and clouds do form
To disperse again into its own essence.

To give love to one who is love

To give love to one who is love
You who are agony and pain unto yourself
yet you know not that you are an offering
To a world suffering and thirsting for love.

The creation buried deep down within you

I am your father, mother, friend, son and daughter
I am the creation buried deep down within you
Respond in which ever way you can … for love I am

It was hard this life..

It was a hard life this; digging the ground,
Who cares to know how parched it was.
My back is broken carrying the water pails;
I am old, the trees so young, bearing blossoms.

Gururaj teaching in the USA

Just click on the first image to view image and enjoy the slideshow while listening to Krishna Das. Each photo has a verse of the poetry of Gururaj. Pouring his life and energy to teach the good, old path of Love and Devotion Gururaj spent hours and hours answering the questions of his students during […]

Photos with message

This is a slider with pictures. Click on the zoom buttom when your mouse is over the text of the photos and you will navigate through the messages in the photos. It will lead you to links related to the pictures and will navigate you through various gems for the heart as well as through […]

Gururaj and Cansita

Cansita was a devoted disciple of Gururaj Ananda Yogi from Spain. Her spiritual name Cansita means the Goddess of Love. In these pictures taken during the last course during a photo posing session all these picture were taken. These photos bring back the shakti and enchanting Love’s flow that was part of the experience everyone had in Gururaj’s presence.