Articles written by disciples of Gururaj Ananda Yogi

In this section we will be including articles written by several disciples of Gururaj Ananda Yogi about different and several topics. With their inputs, insights and comments you will be able to understand to a greater depth the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi.

Flow of the natural self

I try to teach in so many ways how you could just be yourself. And to be yourself you must find the way of total naturalness and flow. Isn’t that what we teach? To make yourself feel totally free and to just be your natural self flowing. Tonight, the idea is to have a little […]


So every man has the ability and the capability of gathering to himself all that there is. Every man is the Son as well as the Father. The problem lies when duality is created, when because of nescience, separation is found between the Son and the Father. Now this is necessary in the process of […]

The thought is a subtle matter

So thought is a subtle matter but matter could be totally inert if it is not empowered by that energy that could move the matter. Now this hand of mine is solid matter, yet it cannot move without the energy that is required to move it.

Self-study and also study of Scriptures

Now the next principle of Niyama is Svadhyaha – that’s a Sanskrit word which means – you can have this piece of paper – Svadhyaha means self-study. Self-study and also study of Scriptures. Now, I’ve given you an example before – I don’t know if it was here or in America or wherever – it’s worth repeating: what does self-study mean? Self-study can be interpreted as self-analysis, for one, and it can also be interpreted as self-evaluation, self-evaluation.

Niyama has five aspects

Sochia – that’s a Sanskrit word which means ‘inner and outer cleanliness’, inner and outer cleanliness. Now the outer cleanliness does not necessarily refer to the body, although it’s part of it, but outer in this sense could also me environment, and how we react to the environment. Inner cleanliness necessarily involves right thinking

Brahmacharya, the most misinterpreted word

Brahmacharya, means to walk in the path of Divinity. That is the true meaning of Brahmacharya. Now to practise Brahmacharya, one necessarily must exercise some form of control. Now that control can be about eating, can be about sleeping, can be about drinking, or the sexual act.

The third aspect of Yama is Astaya

Astaya, which means non-stealing. Now non-stealing does not mean robbing the bank. It does not mean robbing the bank only, or pick-pocketing someone.


Satya means truthfulness. Truthfulness does not only mean uttering words of truth, but acting truthfully