The thought is a subtle matter

fulness(6) So thought is a subtle matter but matter could be totally inert if it is not empowered by that energy that could move the matter. Now this hand of mine is solid matter, yet it cannot move without the energy that is required to move it.

Saludo_blanco So in reality what moves this hand is the energy because the hand cannot move itself. So therefore when Jesus says that «I am not the doer but the Father is the doer,» by that it is meant that ‘I’ the little ego self, the little mental physical self can never exist, can never do without the energy. It is the energy that does it all.

Therefore the Father is the doer. The energy is the doer. Otherwise all matter becomes inert. And yet it is the nature of matter not to have inertia, for the very structure of matter, for the very atomic or molecular structure to stay together, that energy is required.

Saludando_desde_el_castilloAnd that is why we say that the Father being omnipresent, permeates everything that is. So the ego self takes a secondary place while the energy takes the primal place because it is the energy that moves, that keeps this entire universe in motion. And then Jesus only becomes, or you and I only becomes the instrument through which that energy has momentum.

Now the Father, let us call it energy, let us call it God or whatever label we wish to put on it is the only thing that really exists

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