The light is forever shining

Gi smilingThe light is forever shining. What we are learning is to draw back the curtain so that the light can shine into our daily living.

Replacing a bad habit with a good habit has nothing to do with that which you really are, the divine being that you are.

Through meditation one reaches the core of oneself, the heart—we can call it by any name. This essence is the core of the human personality, of the embodied form in which the spirit dwells. The kingdom of heaven lies within, surrounded by our embodied form.

You imagine you are being deluded by an evil power when you have an evil tendency in you, because of which, you can only see the evil in others. You think, “I am being deluded.” But if the tendencies in you are good and pure, your heart will say, “Forget the mind.”

As we climb to the pinnacle through our meditations and spiritual practices, we reach the point where we find all to be one, for then our individual mind loses itself in the universal mind, yet retains its individuality because of its embodiment.

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