Service is devotion in action.

Devotion in action is compassion.

gururaj_mirrorWhen one accepts oneself at one’s true value, then service is performed for the sake of service; and that service is just another name for devotion.

The service of mankind is the service of God. It is the internal God that is externalized in His varied names and forms.

Non-attachment leads one to perform a greater service because we realize that, “I am not the doer. I am the instrument.” It is not the pen that writes—the writer writes with the pen.

If we remember that we are forever bowing to the Divinity in another, then service assumes its truest form. Service is the offering. How beautiful to be able to offer oneself in bowing to and becoming the other.

True service is always offering without motive. One who truly knows how to serve, works for the sake of work without wondering about or anticipating the result thereof. That is the karma yogi.

Service is a spontaneous offering to Divinity. And everything else is taken care of by itself.

The service of Divinity is the service of mankind—in his physical form, in his mental form, in his spiritual form. See that Divinity even in the leper, even in the cripple, even in the blind. It is easier to see it in your beloved. Start there!

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