Seeking is the Process of Fulfillment

Gururaj in the GardenSeeking is the process of fulfillment.

The superconscious mind can only function at its fullest and deepest level when the body and the subconscious and the conscious mind are at rest.

If we regard man to be divine, what are the veils that hold back the awareness of Divinity from the mind level? The veils recognized by the mind are recognized by a veil, because the mind too is a veil. From this whirlpool there is no escape. The only way to find the solution to the mysteries of all existence is to go beyond the mind!

There is a difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is momentary, joy is lasting.

Through daily application of spiritual practices and meditation we become more integrated and pain becomes less. Pain is not supplanted with pleasure, but with joy. So here we are slowly going beyond the law of opposites.


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