Everything is beautiful

gururaj_web3838We do not look deep enough. There is nothing in this world that is ugly. Everything is beautiful because it is created and it is a product of Divinity. Once we go beyond the surface value of a thing then we see the beauty within everything.

In performing any action there is a certain amount of desire. Desire produces attachment, but there are different kinds of desires. Desire for gain, name, fame, and power prods one to act in a certain manner to achieve a certain goal. The other kind of desire is the desire to serve, which causes non-attachment.

All unhappiness is produced by our worthless sense of attachment. We get attached to various aspects and facets of life which are transitory. As man unfolds spiritually, he will not only seek the true value within himself and the environment, but he will find it non-separate from himself. That is a sure sign of spiritual unfoldment.

To be able to love without attachment is the greatest achievement a human being can attain.


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