Get rid of preconceived ideas

What keeps the individual apart from the universal are those fine currents of samskaras.

GR_painting_web05Samskaric elements which are of very fine matter, disintegrate even beyond subatomic particles and merge away in the areas where they are most needed. So, these fine currents now remain for the ultimate mergence between the individual and the universal, between man and God. here a different process takes place. The entire tree exists in the seed, and the seed exists in the tree. These fine currents at their level do not have much as a counterpart to disintegrate to. So these fine currents revert back to the seed state and the individual is finally freed, and you become one with God. That is unity consciousness. That is the unification between man and God.

We are trying to get rid of preconceived ideas, indoctrination, and blind beliefs that we know nothing about, and we try to aim at the real experiential value of life where the purest of the purest, the spiritual self is experienced in its total innocence.

The individual soul comes from the unpatterned, and because it combines with all the various elements in the universe it becomes patterned. For the soul to find total peace it has to be unpatterned.

Because of past associations and past experiences our reasoning becomes warped.

When we use methods to try to unpattern ourselves, what happens is that in trying to unpattern the mind by the mind, we are repatterning it into a different mold. We are really trying to get away from patterning. The aim is to bypass the patterning of the soul and go deep within, to the basis of pure innocence. That is the purpose of life.

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