Existence IV

Manifestor an manifestation in relation to thought


«He who knows in reality the supreme glory of my manifestation is united with me by unfaltering yoga. Of this there is no doubt.»

This verse contains a very deep meaning. The meaning is so deep that just by understanding this, the implications of this verse, you could become self‑enlightened. Here he says, «Who really knows my manifestation.» So he wants you to know manifestation first, not the manifestor. For how can you know the manifestation without knowing the manifestor? Or the other way around, rather.

So what is manifestation? Manifestation is all of you sitting around. Everything is a manifestation of the manifestor. What has brought manifestation into being? Did Divinity really require this manifestation? Did He really require this creation? We normally use the word «manifestation» because «creation» implies that God has a mind, and that mind thinks, and in his thinking process he develops a will. And through that will he would create. But not the manifestor. The manifestor is a neutral energy. And it’s not subject to any form of creation whatsoever. But it is the nature of the manifestor to manifest. Like it is the nature of the sun to give heat. The sun does not create heat. It is the nature of the flower to give fragrance, the flower does not create fragrance.

So all that you see around you as manifestation has come about because you could say it is the nature of Divinity to have this around. And when man recognizes that all this is manifestation, for the manifestation can never be apart from the manifestor, they have to co‑exist. God exists because you exist and you exist because God exists. So there is no dividing line between the manifestor and manifestation.

What do we learn from this? When we regard manifestation we regard everything to be Divine. And that is how we develop that one‑pointedness of mind when we see everything to be divine. Even the murderer, the rapist, the thief, in him too do we see Divinity. So by seeing Divinity in the manifestation, as this verse says, then only can He abide in me. So the prerequisite is to find Divinity in manifestation. For finding Divinity in manifestation, you automatically become one with the manifestor.

So instead of searching for a God, as many different theologies would teach you, like sitting on a throne somewhere up there with a long beard and two dozen clerks or ten dozen clerks sitting down writing, «Oh, Vidya did this today,» or «Sheilaben did this today….» No. There’s no being sitting around there, huh? For if we regard the manifestor to be omnipresent, meaning present everywhere, then He is present also in His manifestation.

So now you will say that in manifestation we have so many different forms, so many different names. There are 4000 million people. So does the manifestor divide Himself up into 4000 million people? He does not divide Himself up. He is expressed in totality within every being. We can use the analogy of the radio transmitter that is transmitting a bhajan. Now there are a million radios around this area, hm? That does not mean that one radio will only pick up one part of the bhajan and another radio another part and a third radio another part. No, each and every radio picks up the full Bajan at the same time. And that is how manifestation works in us where you are Divine, where you are God. Where you are Krishna yourself. But what comes in between that realization is nescience, or ignorance. Ignorance of the fact that I am Divine. We go about saying, like many of our Bajans [sanskirt or Hindu]. I’m a sinner, I’m a sinner. If you say you are weak, weak, weak, you will become weak! Say you are strong, strong, strong and you will develop strength. Because it has all to do with the conditioning and patterning of your own mind.

So when, through austerities and various practices such as meditation and other spiritual practices, you start realizing the Divinity within you…. Idle bhakti does not help. You find many people sitting with their mala, «Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram.» It is something for realization in a systematic way of meditation where you can take your conscious mind, the little portion of the mind which you think with, to take that deep within yourself and experience the Divinity inside. As the Bible would say, «Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within,» hm, which is very very similar to saying «Brahmas mi.» I am Brahman. I am Brahman.

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