The 20 Times satsang III

The thought that found it’s own existence and that still carries on and on.. There are so many automatic processes going on in this universe of ours, even within your own bodies, that you are not even aware of. How much are you aware of your heart beating? Unless you get a pain, then you […]

Existence IV

Manifestor an manifestation in relation to thought «He who knows in reality the supreme glory of my manifestation is united with me by unfaltering yoga. Of this there is no doubt.» This verse contains a very deep meaning. The meaning is so deep that just by understanding this, the implications of this verse, you could […]

Can you get self realized in one life time? (VI)

And we need to have stones put in those grooves that are based on believes that are totally fallacious. We have to analyze our believes as part of this path, and in doing this, the techniques devised by Katie in “The work” can be very helpful  to many of you. Do not feel guilty, which […]

«Looking» vs. «Seeing»

Seeing is focusing on a particular object; and when you focus on a particular object the mind starts analyzing and you are lost. When you look, in totality,—just looking and not allowing the mind to interfere in looking, then you see the truth.

The light is forever shining

Through meditation one reaches the core of oneself, the heart—we can call it by any name. This essence is the core of the human personality, of the embodied form in which the spirit dwells. The kingdom of heaven lies within, surrounded by our embodied form.

I am the instrument

The confusion lies in assuming that I am the doer, when in reality I am not the doer, I am the instrument. Do not be attached to action, it is only experience. What happens to most people is that they are tossed around in the sea of life by time and space, not realizing this: […]

Bring the attention to the center!

How many of us bring the attention to the center, to where it is still? That is the secret of life: to go beyond the polarities. Where there is mind, there are polarities. When we go beyond the mind we go beyond polarities, and center ourselves within ourselves. That is the area of joy and […]

Seeking is the Process of Fulfillment

If we regard man to be divine, what are the veils that hold back the awareness of Divinity from the mind level? The veils recognized by the mind are recognized by a veil, because the mind too is a veil. From this whirlpool there is no escape. The only way to find the solution to the mysteries of all existence is to go beyond the mind!