Can you get self realized in one life time? (VI)

Gururaj_discipulos_blanco_negroAnd we need to have stones put in those grooves that are based on believes that are totally fallacious. We have to analyze our believes as part of this path, and in doing this, the techniques devised by Katie in “The work” can be very helpful  to many of you.

Do not feel guilty, which also means don’t think you have done something wrong. If you did it, it was through His Grace that everything happens, so it had to happen, and it is not your business anymore. Your business in this day, the only one you have to live, the only one you can perform action. This day. Today. And a day is very easy to administer.

It is just that. Simple. Flow in the river of life and take it in good cheer !! It is only now that you are alive, and… look around ! For sure you can find something were you can perform action.

This is very important, and we as chelas of these teachings must help to clarify those misconceptions embedded in us by society and through these pages we will try to make this message known, this liberating ideas listened, mulled over and put into practice.

So, to repeat again. ACTION FOR THE SAKE OF ACTION.

Learn little by little. You can start with small actions. Try brushing your teeth without looking for the result. Just concentrating yourself in the act of brushing your teeth. And choose several small actions a day to do this practice. You need to learn. You need to re-condition the mind in order to get this done. You need to widen your understanding and inquire in your beliefs. The sadhana is necessary and is not the goal, just the process of integrating yourself within the Self.

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