Devotion to your teacher

Gururaj_priya_106To be uncritical does not involve any worship whatsoever. You don’t need  to worship gurus—no! That is wrong! Why should you worship gurus? But you can be devoted to a guru if you wish, and that devotion is experienced every day; it’s a very natural thing.

You’re devoted to your children; you’re devoted to your mother; you’re devoted to your father; and you can be devoted to a friend. After all, who is a guru? He is but a friend, who says, “Look, I’ve been on this path. Do you want to travel this path? Come, take my hand. I will show you. I know the pitfalls, because I’ve been across this road.”

That’s all. It’s so simple. And where there is that little bit of devotion involved in your taking the hand, trust increases and faith increases.

You will find that the teaching of a true spiritual teacher will always be universal. Any principle we set forth can be verified by every religion. We do not study dogma, or the narrow philosophy of one particular person, but, in all our talks, in all our teachings, we take the essence of truth which is contained within every religion and in every teaching.

The qualification needed to bring down the highest philosophical truths to their simplest form is that the teacher must know what he is talking about.

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