Obstacles in the path

The path of a seekerThe spiritual path does not need to be difficult or cumbersome. You will find obstacles, which is good. The greatest teacher in life is obstacles. So every obstacle that comes in your path, be thankful. One way to be thankful to obstacles is to become the observer of the obstacle. When you become the observer of the obstacle, the obstacle does not hurt you.

Try this experiment: if you have a headache, try and observe the headache and do not get involved in the headache. There is an inner sense in every human being that could observe the outer happenings. You will find that the obstacle will just disappear.

It is by reaching that changeless, eternal self within yourself that all the obstacles and changes of life do not matter. For as long as you have the body and a little conscious mind, all these ups and downs will be there. But if you develop the inner strength through meditation, you become the observer of the ups and downs. And when you become the observer or the witness, you remain unharmed. And life becomes pleasant. Is that not what you seek?

Everyone wants the road to be so smooth, like a smooth highway. Everyone wants that but what have you done about it? That smooth, tarred road never came there by itself. It was a gravel road until it was worked upon to be made smooth. Life is like that. Problems will be there. But how you view the problems, that is important.


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