Be alert!

Gururaj_namaste_the_HayesOn the spiritual path there is no laziness, there is no self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is called delusion.

When a person is a true seeker, then the environment that is necessary for his growth comes to him; all circumstances lead him to it.

What happens in practical life is this: if our attention is only on the material, forgetting the spiritual, then the material value for everything will forever keep on changing, changing, changing. When anything is changing all the time, we find very quickly that it is impermanent—and there is nothing.

Life is never purposeless. Any person that stifles his purpose of life, or denies that there is any purpose to life, will only flounder like a rudderless boat.

Inquiry into the various aspects and facets of life must not be stopped, because if a person has an intellectual tendency, this can be his starting point. As he goes on analyzing various things he will know for himself that this is not it—there is something more.

Do not hanker after enlightenment. The more you hanker after it and try to perform actions towards that end, the further you chase it away.

There are signposts on the spiritual path that will tell you how far you have reached. But is your conscious mind receptive enough to notice these spiritual signposts?

The purpose of life, or the attainment of any higher value of life is attained by one-pointedness.

To know yourself, you are at liberty to use whatever is offered to you in your circumstances and learn from it. This is very important.

Be alert!

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