As you sow, so shall you reap

The law of cause and effect, or karmic law, is the principle that as you sow, so shall you reap. Karma forms an integral part of the subtle body and exists in the subtle body in an impression form. So karma, which is action, transforms itself into impressions which we call samskaras. Thus by thought, […]

Truth lies beyond good and evil

Truth is that area which lies beyond good and evil. This momentary, transitory, forever-changing way of life loses its importance. It loses its importance, not because it in itself is unimportant, but because of the effect it has on you. That is what is important. While one is an embodied, unrealized being, karma will always […]

In every adversity there is opportunity

In every adversity there is opportunity. Man fails because he only sees the adversity. Because of his fragmented mind he does not recognize the opportunity. Karma is not only action of the physical body, but also action of the mind, and the mind’s action is on a more subtle level, but it is still action. […]

Living as householders

Living as householders, we try to do our best. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes. To try and live to the best of our ability is the great thing. There is no way to short cut or do away with your karma, but meditation helps you to gain the strength to face the fruits […]

Collective karma

The way to improve collective karma and to improve society is to improve oneself. Actions cannot be judged on face value. Karma Yoga is where you work for the sake of work and the rewards come by themselves. Whenever these rewards come they are accepted for one’s needs, for one’s necessities of daily life. But […]

Good karma, bad karma

It is not only bad karma that has brought you into an awkward circumstance, but it could also be good karma that puts you into an awkward circumstance. Why are you in that awkward circumstance? To evolve you more, to bring you to a greater state of happiness in the long run. Even the most […]