In every adversity there is opportunity

adversidad_oportunidadIn every adversity there is opportunity. Man fails because he only sees the adversity. Because of his fragmented mind he does not recognize the opportunity.

Karma is not only action of the physical body, but also action of the mind, and the mind’s action is on a more subtle level, but it is still action. If the mind is regulated and put into a proper channel with the help of meditation, then we automatically draw on Grace. It works in a cycle. The more we draw Grace, the better our actions become, and the more Grace comes. That is how man evolves and finds greater and greater happiness until he achieves totality, self-realization.

When self-realized, a man becomes law unto himself, because he is not touched by any form of karma. When events occur he is unaffected by them because he has developed integration which brings nonattachment. It is attachment that brings suffering. Attachment produces expectations, and when expectations are not fulfilled it produces suffering and that is what we term karma to be.

Karma does not only mean pain, it also means pleasure. Good karma within its range will bring you good results. Bad karma within its same range will bring you bad results. When man has become non-attached, then he has risen above both. He has risen to the level where there is no polarity left and all is oneness, and that is the stage where everything is just accepted. That is the stage when he sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil, because he is apart from it and yet a part of it. This may sound very paradoxical, but the greatest truths are paradoxical, because a truth is a wholeness.


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