Become independent!

Gururaj_campestreNow, what do we mean by clarity? Do we mean a total understanding of the subject in question? Or do we mean that there was no question in the first place at all? Is this not a contradiction of infatuation? So, as we go on and the mind becomes more clear, not for anyone else at all; but clarity is to be found within oneself. Then you rid yourself of all the problems such as infatuation. For example you rid yourself of these problems because you, your mind, is clear, and when the mind is clear, it can think more deeply, more honestly, more sincerely. And the process, the psychological process, is this, that you’re not influenced then by the environment. You are not dependent on what the environment says. You become independent and living within yourself. That is clarity, that is a clearness of your own mental make-up. And when people reach that stage, their life becomes so much more and more and more happier and happier and happier. Because there’s a clarity there, not being influenced by anything whatsoever. Not being dependant on anything at all, but being independent within oneself.

So what happens there? All your crutches are gone and you walk on your own two feet. Now isn’t that what we are all trying to do? To walk on our own two feet without being dependent upon anything at all. Do we need any dependency after all, do we really? We don’t. We have to develop that quality within ourselves, to be independent, to be ourselves, and by being your own real self, you come closer to God. Because that’s what He wants, really, that’s what He wants. He wants you to be closer to Him. He’s there waiting, waiting, waiting, so patiently. ‘Come, come, come my children, come to me’. And you can only reach there if you develop a sense of independence. I’m not infatuated with God at all, he can go to hell, but I love Him. Ah hah, it’s a different thing! You see? You see? So you become independent to yourself and in that independence, you’ll find true Divinity. Yes, yes, because Divinity is not dependent on anything. So if you want to find Divinity within yourself, you have to become independent. Do you get the idea? Yeah, because if you’re dependent, then you’re relying on outer forces, other forces, whatever. But when you become independent, you’re relying upon yourself. And for God’s sake, you are Divine! Dammit. What the hell do you need anything else for? You are independent. Not being dependent on anything at all, you are there. You are a creature of the Creator, so the essence of the Creator must be there in you. The essence of the Creator must be in the creature. Understandable, common sense, isn’t it?

So, by developing the sense of that independence and not being dependent upon anything else, you come closer and closer, the creature to the Creator. See how simple? So simple, isn’t it? Ha, I don’t know, my darling, why people can’t understand these things. They’re idiots, idiots. I-do-its. I do it – idiot. Who am I? Ask yourself, who’s this you are talking about, and think that you are doing it? I do it, idiot. Rubbish. You do nothing. Forget it. He does everything, our Lord above. He is the One, that made me an idiot. I do it. When I think I do it. Bullshit! It’s He that does everything. I do nothing. Develop that idea. Develop that attitude, that my entire self is dedicated to you. That’s all. I will do my best, living in this idiotic world, aha, I will do my best. But you do the rest. Ha ha ha ha. I will do my best, but you do the rest. That’s how it works. That’s the secret of life. That’s the joy of life. There could be nothing more than that, that beautiful realisation in saying to yourself, ‘I’m nothing but an instrument of that Divine power, that Divine force’.

You might not know that Divine power or Divine force yet, but just accept for the moment, that there is something greater than me. There is something greater, permeating me, controlling me, and doing so much for me, for without that grace, without that Gurushakti you cannot exist. So that’s the message I have today, okay. Yeah. Thanks.

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