Non Dualism I

Am I non-existent?

El No-Dualismo
El No-Dualismo

Gururaj_expresion_recorteRamu:  Beloved Guruji, this question is in the form of a riddle.  I am that which causes awareness to flow from the grossness of the lower mind to the un‑differentiated bliss of the superconscious.  I am not mind, but upon me the mind rests.  I do not move, yet through me all things move.  I am neither this nor that.  What am I?


GR: Bullshit!  [laughter] Ahh [Sanskrit] That you are.  Who am I if I am not the mind?  Who am I if I am not the body?  Now what makes you presume that you are not the body and not the mind. What point of reference have you to tell you that I am not the mind and neither the body?  Show me that point of reference.  Ahh! When I say to myself, «I am that I am,» who is this that I am that I am?  Who is this Brahmas mi‑‑I am Brahma?  Who is this that could say, «I and my Father are one?»  Who is this that could say that I, as the mind and body, is non‑existent?  Then what part of you is existent to make you cognize your non‑existence?  You don’t know, that is for sure.  Therefore, I said «bullshit.»

Your mind is a reality, your body is a reality, and the spiritual self within you is a reality, but it is only the mind that could cognize its own realness which is also, at the same time, erroneous.  You say I am this body.  Now this body has been changing so much.  When I was an infant like our little baby there, hmmm, then l grew up into adolescence, became an old man… uh, I’m not too old really.  [Laughter]  So this body is the same body, but over a period of time ‑‑ which you regard to be time ‑‑ has gone through various changes.  Like putting on a little meditational tummy or whatever.  So my reality lies in my body and my reality lies in my mind, but who is that which perceives this particular form of reality.

The spirit that is within you, the Divinity that is within you, is non‑cognizable and neither would it cognize anything besides itself in its own cognition.  In other words, the spirit cannot cognize itself and neither can it re‑cognize itself.  So the mind says this is a handkerchief.  Why does the mind say this is a handkerchief?  (Might as well use it).  Why does the mind say that this is a handkerchief?  Because my mind, or a certain recollection or experiences that has gone through me in this lifetime or even in past lifetimes, perhaps, make me cognize this to be a cloth, a piece of cloth to be used on my nose.

Now, where does this come from?  What tells you that this is a nose and that’s a handkerchief?  So you go further back all the time, because once you recognize the nose and you recognize the handkerchief, you still got to go further to ask yourself the question that who is saying that this is a handkerchief and this is a nose.  Who is saying that.  And when you find yourself saying that my mind is saying that, then you will ask yourself what perpetuates this mind in this mold of having this particular kind of cognition.


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