Self-surrender to Divinity

Brands & Trends(5) Now, we come to the last section of Niyama. The Sanskrit word is Ishwar Pranidarn, Ishwar Pranidam. That is what all religions are about, ‘Self-surrender to Divinity’.

We talk and we read about, ‘Thy will be done’ – lip service. As long as we have this me and mine, Thee and Thine are forgotten, always. Self-surrender would imply this very principle, ’Thy will be done’. Now if you cannot surrender yourself to the impersonal God, the transcendental Divinity, then surrender yourself to the imminent God.

In a Garden  Is that the right word? Imminent? You surrender yourself to the imminent, personal God. Now who is the personal God? See Him everywhere. See Him in your child, see Him in your wife, your husband, your friend, your neighbour, for Divinity resides in all of them.

That is the abstract becoming concrete. So if the mind cannot conceive of the abstract, of the impersonal God, let us conceive of him as a personal God. And that is why, that is why we believe in our spiritual perceptor.

That is why we believe and love Jesus, we love Buddha, we love Krishna for that is the incarnation. They are the incarnations of the abstract made concrete to show us the way. For the way is the life, and that is the truth, the real truth.

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