Service is an art

Service is an art, and art is freedom. So when we serve in the spirit of an offering, it is a freedom that is expressed from deep within ourselves. Service does not bind, it frees a person.

Service is devotion in action.

When one accepts oneself at one’s true value, then service is performed for the sake of service; and that service is just another name for devotion. The service of mankind is the service of God. It is the internal God that is externalized in His varied names and forms.

Serve for the sake of serving

When we serve for the sake of serving, when it is motiveless and egoless, then service has value and is evolutionary. It is never stagnating—if it stops growing it dies. Genuine service, like the life of the flower, consists of its flowering, for that flowering is life and life is never stagnant. It forever flows […]

Service and martyrdom

The offering of service does not mean martyrdom. Martyrdom is a kind of imbalance. Martyrdom generally originates from a fanaticism, a purpose which is conjured up by the mind.

Dedicate your life to God or surrendering to your circumstances

both are the same… Divinity is there as all the scriptures tell you; it is nearer than you think. It’s closer than your very own breath. It’s there: just open up and let it flow. Teaching and serving are two of the ways which quicken the opening up, and when the blood races and the […]

Life is made to give

A small task performed in sincerity is worth far more than a great task performed with motivation for oneself. Life is made to give and not to take, for it is in giving that we really receive. As we receive the true knowledge which is inherent within us, we use that knowledge wisely in service. […]

Service as an Offering

If the service is done as an offering then praise or blame will not affect you at all because you find the inner joy of serving.