Dedicate your life to God or surrendering to your circumstances

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Divinity is there as all the scriptures tell you; it is nearer than you think. It’s closer than your very own breath. It’s there: just open up and let it flow. Teaching and serving are two of the ways which quicken the opening up, and when the blood races and the heart is quickened, love pours in us and through us. When you water a garden remember that even before the garden receives the water, the hose is cleaned first. So when we teach or serve in this purity, that divine energy flows through us first before it goes to the student.

When you dedicate your life to a cause that fits in with a plan not created by you yourself, but by a power higher than you, then you could safely say, “I have faith in that power, and the mission I have to accomplish will be accomplished.”

As you give service to humanity what is happening is that you serve yourself. This service, or the desire or yearning for service, that is within you, is not being objectified for personal gain or ego building.

All service performed in total humility will rebound back to you tenfold, because there is a sincerity of purpose.


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