Flow of the natural self

I try to teach in so many ways how you could just be yourself. And to be yourself you must find the way of total naturalness and flow. Isn’t that what we teach? To make yourself feel totally free and to just be your natural self flowing. Tonight, the idea is to have a little […]

Existence IV

Manifestor an manifestation in relation to thought «He who knows in reality the supreme glory of my manifestation is united with me by unfaltering yoga. Of this there is no doubt.» This verse contains a very deep meaning. The meaning is so deep that just by understanding this, the implications of this verse, you could […]

Obstacles in the path

The spiritual path does not need to be difficult or cumbersome. You will find obstacles, which is good. The greatest teacher in life is obstacles. So every obstacle that comes in your path, be thankful. One way to be thankful to obstacles is to become the observer of the obstacle. When you become the observer of the obstacle, the obstacle does not hurt you.

Accepting the teachings from a teacher

The person most qualified to accept what a teacher says is the one with devotion in his heart. When devotion is there, there is acceptance. If one is lacking in devotion, then evaluation will not come from the heart, it will come from the mind.


Some people are born with such deep faith in them, from the word go and to have that faith in them, they have at some time or another, perhaps in their previous lives who knows, worked hard for that faith.

The Path of the householder

Most of us that are listening to these videos and reading these lines are householders. We have responsibilities in the world with family, with our land lord, with our boss in the job or with our company. And we solve our lives through action. It is in this active prayer, which is action for the […]

Getting back to our primal innocence

Man forever wants to know. Even if the mind does not ask it, there is an inward urge which shouts out all the time to ask one question only, and that question is, “Who am I?” Divinity is there. The only qualification needed by a person to find his inner self is sincere seeking. To […]


So what we want is experience. We want to experience here and now in this lifetime what search is all about and what the goal is all about. Because we are just searching and searching and going around in circles.