Fear perpetuates itself


Fear suffers within itself

GR14If we can know the un-manifest, then we can really and truly know the manifestation of the un-manifest is.  Good.  Now when we suffer with these emotional problems, we do suffer them without the realisation of Divinity.  In other words, fear suffers within itself.  Jealousy suffers within itself.  Every form of negativity is perpetuated by itself.  Okay.  Any form of negativity is perpetuated by itself.  Now, if there was a recognition of what Divinity was, and if those fears had to come about, inspired or energised by Divinity with a conscious knowledge of it, then these mechanisms of fear and greed and lust can be used as instruments to overcome various defects in us.  In other words with a defect, we overcome another defect.  As in homeopathy, we use one thorn to take out the other thorn.  Fine.  But when both thorns, when the thorn has been taken out, what do we do?  We throw both thorns away.  Right.  But this comes with a higher realisation that all this happening within us, is also the work of Divinity.  Good.  But when, when we have that realisation, then fear becomes fearlessness, anger becomes love, hatred becomes love.  So the same energy is converted within us, the same energy is converted within us, in its positive aspect.  Good.

Now, having certain pent-up feelings does not mean, that to release those feelings, as a release valve, to release those feelings, will get rid of the negativity within us.  What we have to do, is to release the pent-up energy, and the pent-up energy can be released positively.  So why not choose the positive path?  Good.  There is a very thin dividing line between love and hatred.  There is a very thin dividing line between fear and fearlessness.  A very thin veil separates the two.  The whole crux of the matter lies in the energy that brings the positivity or negativity about.  The crux of the matter, the basis of the question is based upon energy, and how that energy is used, how it is utilised, how it is expressed.  There comes freewill.  And if freewill is used positively, then that hatred will become love.  Now, how to use freewill positively, that is the deeper question, behind the question.  How is freewill to be used positively?

Now, any kind of energy can be used positively, if an understanding is gained of that energy.  Without gaining the understanding of the energy, we are in confusion.  And whenever anyone is in confusion you can be certain that that is within us.  Good.  So we start by getting rid of the confusion, and the best way to get rid of the confusion is to understand the situation, why do I fear?  Once one has an understanding of the reason why one fears or why one hates, then half the problem is solved – because the very process of analysing the reason.  If you go to a psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst, what does he actually do?  He makes you talk, he makes you talk, he makes you talk, and while making you talk, he will guide you slowly, he will guide you very subtly sometimes, to make you see the faulty reasoning that you have.  He will make you see the fallacy, the misunderstanding you have, that a good psychoanalyst will do.  Good, fine.  In the spiritual path, we do the same, Jnana Yoga, the yoga of discrimination, we, we can actively discriminate.  The reason, find the reason with discriminative power, why we are hating, and why we are angry, and why we have fear.

So once we know the reason, why I fear, once we know the reason why I fear, then it would be getting rid of half the problem.  And the other half can be got rid of by gaining strength within us.  It is like a person walking through a dark road, and he sees a rope lying there.  Good.  At first sight it might seem to be a snake, and he has that fear in him.  But when he looks closer, he will see it is not a snake, but a piece of rope, and immediately his fear vanishes.  Now this situation can be applied to everything in life.

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