How would you say goodbye?

Let us talk of hate.  What is hate?  There is no hate. There is no hate.  Because hate is a projection from a conditioned mind, and all projections are illusory.  No man is capable of hating.  No man is capable of hating, but he is only capable of projecting.  Man is capable of loving, yes, and love knows no projection. 

Negative Disposition

Gururaj: A person who is negatively disposed to you what you could do about it, is that what it is? Firstly we have to understand what negative disposition is. A person could be very positive towards you but your interpretation of that person’s positivity might seem negative to you. A father slaps a child. Now […]

Whatever you emphasize, you are ruled by

Whatever you emphasize, you are ruled by. When a certain thing is realized, you automatically gain control over it. Then it does not control you, but you control it. When we find a great measure of self-integration, gradually, we exude a strength to be able to control, and that is the only way to go […]

What is the use of analyzing darkness?

A person creates conflicting ideas within himself, and it is this very conflict that creates illness. As a matter of fact the conflict is an illness itself. What is the use of analyzing darkness? It does not solve the problem. In analyzing darkness, we only find it to be darkness. The element that is missing […]

The mind is centered on suffering, instead of joy

Your problem is that the mind is centered on suffering, instead of joy. “If I have to pay for it (karma from previous actions) then so what!” This should be our attitude. When we go through suffering and turmoil we are just experiencing change in the shapes or forms. Now that is what we want […]


Even for the bread you eat, you need an external force: a knife to cut the slices. Everything requires an external force. Yet the realization that the external force and the internal force are the same, has to come. When that consciousness dawns, all friction will disappear, because the cause of all problems is duality. […]

Suffering can be overcome

The sufferings that people have can be overcome. When a certain trend is set in motion it has to reach its culmination. But if we have the attitude of acceptance, reinforced by the subtler layers of the superconscious mind, then nothing hurts and everything is accepted. And even if it does hurt, we know the […]

Uttering words of an aggressive nature

By uttering words of an aggressive nature we can do so much harm to a person’s entire life. If we hurt somebody with a stick, that wound will heal in a few weeks or a month. If we leave a scar on a person’s mind, that scar can remain for a lifetime. It is the […]