Divine will into motion

Divine Will into Motion
Divine Will into Motion

Divine will is a fallacy

Copy (2) of Gururaj photos 015In the largest sense, there’s nothing else that exists but divine will. Now, man’s tendency is this, to narrow down the vastness of divine will to their own will, which consists of nothing else but their egos! So the ego says, «I do this, and I do that.» And yet, the ego does nothing at all. For how could the ego function at all without that energizing force that is there of divine will.

Now, divine will is a misnomer, it’s a fallacy. Divinity has no will at all. Divinity is an energy. But where the will comes in is in manifestation, for that energy, as every kind of energy, has to express itself in some way or the other. And that energy expresses itself in manifestation. This manifestation, in turn is what has created you. And your very existence, your very creation, is nothing else but manifestation. Now what is manifestation? Manifestation is the relativity of life from its grossest level to its highest level. Yet it still remains manifestation, which is empowered by that energy. Now this manifestation is called Divine Will. When we say, «Thy will be done,» what does it really mean? That may the totality of manifestation cooperate with me. Let me not by my little self fragment it or cut it into pieces. So, we try to gather the pieces that we have cut up into the totality of manifestation so that we could merge into manifestation itself. The totality of manifestation.

Now this mergence is the first step that would take place for you to become one with the energy. Manifestation are like waves on the ocean, up and down and up and down and up and down. But yet, what creates those waves, that is the question. The creation of those waves are because of the energy currents that flow deeper down in the ocean, and that is the energy man has to reach to become divinity itself and not the will. Hm? So here is a process of elimination all the time, where you go from your personal egofied will to divine will, and then you merge away into that infinite energy. Because divine will is not infinite. It has its limitations. It is limited to the structure of this universe, while the energy that we talk about, the impersonal God, if you wish to call it that, is beyond this universe, and yet it penetrates every atom of the universe. So in this penetration of this energy we find the entire universe functioning. Because the very act of functioning is a process. It is filled with motion all the time. Nothing can exist in this universe without motion. Everything is moving. Even as we are sitting in this room we are hurtling through space at thousand and thousand miles per minute.

You take the example of light: hundred and eighty‑six thousand miles a second it’s moving. Everything is moving. You think you’re sitting still there, no, you’re moving. For every cell in your body is in motion. Otherwise, you would not be sitting here. Otherwise, you would not be existing, you would disintegrate. So divine will consists of motion. Right.

But now, underlying this motion, there is the stillness where man has to reach and will reach in time to come. And reaching that stillness, you will become part of the motion that controls this entire universe and still be apart from it. You become the observer of the motion, and in that observation you’ll find that stillness, and yet, you’re involved in the motion of divine will.

So when it comes to choices, who chooses for you? Your ego chooses. Because the ego is patterned and according to its patterning it makes its choice. You are fond of mountains or someone is fond of the sea. Why? Because you are used to mountains, so you’re attracted to the mountains. And if you’re fond of the sea, you’re attracted to the sea. But yet, man can combine within himself the mountains and the sea together. For what is the difference between the mountain and the sea? You would have just as much ozone up in the hills, the mountains, as you would have at the seaside. What is the difference between the molecular structure between the mountain and the sea? None whatsoever. And then, where did the mountain come from? It was an eruption in the sea that pushed up the mountain. Do you see? And if you climb mountains, you are sure to find as… in my younger days, I used to love mountaineering. And on the mountains I used to find sea shells. So did the mountain not rise from the sea itself? So why do I discriminate between the mountain and the sea? Now, if I could bring myself to find the oneness of everything, the mountain and the sea and the land in between it, then I am in compliance with divine will.

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