Do nothing

Now, when we talk of opening the heart, we admit to the closeness of the heart and the heart seems pinched. The heart seems pinched. When I say the heart seems pinched, it means your entire personality is pinched, is going through a contraction without the expansion. And in this contraction, in this pinchedness all kinds of pains are felt, all kinds of disappointments are felt.







 In that contractedness, one goes through so many kinds of disillusionment and life deludes us and we say what is the use of this life. It’s good to say that, what is the use of this life. Because it is only by saying that, it is only by recognising the futility of our present situation that we can progress further.

Some people remain self-satisfied and they think they’ve gained the whole world, they have gained the entire universe. That too is a self delusion. For it is only when the heart is expanded to its fullest self, have we really known ourselves.

As the injunction says ‘Man know Thyself’. Thyself is the core of thy personality. The core of thy personality is Divine. That is how true love, real love is experienced. The rest is playing games.


Swami VivekanandaWe play games with ourselves and we play games with others. But that is the way, that is the way, for life itself is a game. Life itself is a play, like the actors on the stage and all these roles are necessary. All these roles are necessary so that we can experience that expansion.

Of course I have taken this question to its ultimate limit. But when a question of this nature is asked then the person that would ask such a question is necessarily thinking of the present circumstance, that ‘I am placed in such a position, what shall I do?’ That is what comes to mind first.

I would say, do nothing. Do nothing. Do not try and excite the heart to open itself because you can’t. But what you can do is by living Yamma Yamin or living according to the injunctions Scriptures, create a frame of mind in the beginning stages because you have to discard all the frames also later. Yes. Yes. All this is to be discarded.

So by positive living, living according to the injunctions of whatever religion you follow, because none of them tell you to be bad. They always show you how to be good. By following that, we are creating a frame of mind that could make it more conducive to experience what the real heart is. But that comes at a later stage.

The immediate experience within a few months of effort-full living, by discriminative living, by disciplined living, we create around ourselves an aura. We create around ourselves a magnetic force, a magnetic pull that will bring to us what we need for that moment. This is very interesting. This is very interesting because man only attracts to himself what he deserves. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less. We said the other day that ‘Nothing for nothing and very little for sixpence’. You remember that. Yes. Yes.

So man can with effort, with disciplined living change his whole mental attitude, change his whole perspective to life. And changing the perspective to life, one has to think and live in a positive manner. And the easiest way to live and think in a positive manner, in a positive way is by two things which people don’t want to do. The easiest, but they don’t want to do it –

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