Friendship – Giving yourself to others

Raman and CharlesThe cup runneth over . . . why let it go down the drain? And if you are thirsty enough, have the whole cup; why only that which runs over? Have the whole cup, I know I can replenish it—there’s plenty more where that comes from. The eternal spring, undying, is forever producing that life force, the water that gives life, the prana that gives life, the breath that gives life. That is friendship.

You share your plate of food with me and this evening I’ll be hungry again. You share the fifty dollars you have and by the end of the week I’ll be broke again. But if you share your heart with me, that remains eternal; for the human heart is infinity itself. It goes beyond feeling, beyond all emotion. That is the true heart.

Gururaj and CansitaThe truest deeds done in friendship are never known, or never even thought about, and never whispered even to oneself. Your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing. Because if you seek recognition, or if you ponder over what you have done for a friend, then you have done nothing at all.

Real friendship lies in giving, and not giving because he or she is a friend, but giving for the sake of giving. When this quality of giving develops in a person, it enhances the friendship without effort.


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