You do not need to throw away everything

Gururaj_blanco_negro_4You do not need to throw away everything and go into a cave in order to live by Divine will. Have material things, but let it not be for greed, or a need which will engender a greater sense of ego, or greater self-aggrandizement. Do what you can, even in material ambitions, so that others might benefit.

Life can become an offering, an offering to Divinity. What are we here for? We are here to glorify the expression of Divinity, and the expression of Divinity is nothing else but glory. We must use that privilege with the free will that has been given to us.

If you have the ability to recognize tendencies, you will know where something will lead you, and you have the ability to exercise your free will. Free will is the greatest gift that God could have given humanity. When one has that gift of exercising free will, there is choice. The word “choice” is synonymous with free will.

Language is so limited that it could never express what true surrender is. In order to surrender our will to the Divine will or Divinity, we have to understand what we mean by our will and Divine will. Without understanding, how can we surrender? We do not teach people to have blind faith. Have a reasoning faith, a reasonable faith; for only with a rational faith, can you be spurred to that surrender.

When you are capable of sacrificing, you are capable of surrender. Spontaneously, the grace of love dawns upon you.

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