Love is limitless

Love is limitlessLove is limitless. It is beyond all boundaries. It is beginless and endless. … But when we bring love down to the individual level, how are we to experience it? When love is brought down to the individual level, that purity, or that expansiveness comes down from a universal vastness into the narrow channel of what is known as a human being. The human being as we know him, the embodied person that has a limited body and a limited mind, can only express love in a limited manner. Now, we all know that the human being uses only ten percent of his mind. The expansiveness that is first felt in the heart has now to be perceived, it has to be cognized. … the ninety percent dormant areas of the mind are awakened through our meditational practices, and the expression of love expands in us.
~ Gururaj Ananda Yogi US 77-14

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