Function in wholeness

armoniaFor a radio to be tuned in properly to get the broadcast, the radio has to be in good order. The tubes and the cells in the radio have to be working well and in harmony. Now, that harmony, in our terminology, is called integration. So when our “radio” is totally integrated, or working in harmony, it can attune itself to receive that shakti, that force, that power we call Grace, and pass it on.

What the human mind  is trying to do is to harmonize his body, his mind, and his spirit so that they can function in wholeness. When the conflict between the body, mind, and spirit ceases, life assumes a different quality, and that quality produces happiness. The process and purpose of unifying ourselves is to find happiness and joy. That is the inherent nature of a human being.

Conflict is produced by that elusive quality called the mind, which contains its own samskaric and karmic values. So what we are really trying to do is to revert to our real Self, where only harmony can exist.


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