Sacrificing the Sense of Individuality

Gururaj_discipulas_bebiendoBy sacrificing the sense of individuality, individual life merges into Divine life.

It is the nature of the little wills to join themselves to become one with the great will or Divinity. It is inherent in everyone, because we are subject to the force of evolution. The thing that evolution does is to take you from stillness back to stillness. You come from home and you have to go back home; but the night might be dark, and a lantern might be needed to light your path. You see how one’s will can become attuned to Divine will? Not by wishful thinking; but by having a one-pointedness towards the goal. That is how the little will gets joined to the Divine will.

When the rivulet reaches the ocean, what great freedom it feels in the ocean! It is away from the confines of the banks, which restrict its scope of expansion. This is what the joining of the free will to the Divine will is like.

I am not the master of my destiny, I am the destiny.

Love is the essence of our being. It does not have to be created, but merely discovered. Our hearts are filled with love, but we have built walls around our hearts. If we can remove those walls . . . and reach the stage of combining all that the heart can express and all that the mind can cognize, then we will truly have merged our free will with the Divine will and flow with nature rather than against it.

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