Life is self surrender and acceptance.

I feel with my mind that my heart is pinched. I understand that the heart has a universal free quality and I am narrowing it down by my thinking processes. And all the thinking that narrows down that force within oneself necessarily has to be limiting. And all that limits is negative. Because positivity has a quality of expansion. Negativity has the quality of contraction.


Now, when we have the principle of acceptance, what do we accept? Firstly we accept the fact that my heart feels pinched. Right. That means facing reality. See these two words contain every bit of practical living that you could ever think of and we can write volumes and volumes on it.

Gururaj and Raman Leonato in CaliforniaOne accepts oneself as one is – my heart is pinched. Now if it is pinched, if it is contracted and the desire within me is to expand it, what do I do? Step number two. . What do I do? Right.

I try and develop a perspective towards life within the framework of admitting what it is at the moment. Now from individual to individual, perspective varies and the method varies. Therefore teachers are necessary

So when we find that these are my faults, these are the blockages, we do something to overcome those blockages.


And when we do something to overcome the blockages, what we are doing without realising, we are surrendering. We are surrendering ourselves to our present condition. That is where we start.

Gururaj_web220Now when we surrender ourselves to our present condition, then a force from within wells up and in that force, you feel its effect and you recognise that this is a higher force, something which is greater than me. You recognise that.

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