Our Will is Fickle

Gururaj_dibujos_manosOur will is fickle, but if surrendered to Divine will, by the process of meditation, our every action in life is guided automatically into the right path. Automatically, we become happy; we blossom into a fullness. The flower emanates its full fragrance, undiluted by pollution, and it enjoys and enjoys.

Free will was not created, it is an emanation or a projection of the Divine will. Through the process that this emanation or manifestation has gone through, it has gathered dust and dirt around it; whereby the Divine will has been covered. To work according to the Divine will is to live a natural life; but because of free will, we have made a natural life into an unnatural life.

The body, like a beautiful flute, is just a hollow reed, a piece of wood. We need to develop the attitude that Divinity resides in everything, and that it is not my will, but His will that counts. Then the music that flows through the hollow reed becomes enjoyable, not only to yourself, but to those around you. That is the purpose of life.

Surrendering the free will to Divine will is like throwing a pound of salt into the sea, where it is merged and cannot be retrieved. You allow the sea to function, not the salt.

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