Sex and unfaithfulness

Gururaj_blanco_negro_37Now if a man is unfaithful to his wife, what makes him unfaithful? It is not the surging and urging powers of sex. No, that does not make him unfaithful. What makes him unfaithful is his search for something. When there is a lack of communication from heart to heart, not body to body, that falls in place.

When there’s lack of communication from heart to heart, he searches to find that heart with which his heart can become one. And that is the reason of all the infidelities in the world. All infidelities are based upon search. They are trying to communicate and through that search, what they are really trying to do, unconsciously, subconsciously, is to find Divinity, Divinity through the concrete to the abstract.

So therefore when a woman was brought to Jesus, some men got her there and accused her of adultery, he berated those men more. He said, ‘What right have you to put this woman to shame?’ And to the woman, he just said, ‘Be on your way. Sin no more’. Sin no more, what does that mean? Have your mind concentrated, because he did not teach Tratak here. (Gururaj laughs) Have the mind concentrated, have your mind one-pointed, be on your way and fare thee well. But the men that brought her, he berated them, ‘Who are you, and what right have you to judge?’ That person could be such a seeker, such a sincere seeker and using these means perhaps to find. But now, but now the lack is this, although the basis is search, are they really searching in the right way? Are they conscious of the search? No.

Now, a truly integrated man or woman whose spiritual practices that has brought about an equilibrium between mind, body and spirit, his actions will always be towards the good, for when he finds that Divinity within himself, that integration within himself, then he will find that Divinity in his wife or the wife will find the Divinity in the husband. They will find that oneness between them where every moment of the day, without making love, they’re experiencing a very subtle orgasm, for the very bliss of Divinity is like an orgasm itself. The greatest joy or being lost, that one knows in this world, isn’t sex, so how can it be condemned. In that period of orgasm, you are lost. Your entire nervous system finds a stimulus and a regeneration. It is something very pure, something very holy. So, how can you sublimate to holiness that which is already holy. You see the mental attitude or the understanding one must have, and having gained this understanding, control becomes automatic. And then why must man’s sex urge be controlled? He is going against his own nature, he is going against his own make-up. For sex is the greatest motivating factor, sex and love, they are strongest, as any Psychologist will tell you, they are the strongest motivating factors in life. Great kingdoms have been conquered, great things have been done, all the greatest things in the world have been done because of the sexual urge, interpreted through love. You look at the paintings, the great Masters of this world, if you look at them, it’s an expression of that very same urge. The quest for beauty, for love is always seeking beauty all the time. Always, the search is for beauty. And one reaches the culmination of it all when beauty can be found in so called ugliness too. For there is nothing in this world that is ugly.

Reference: UK 8111

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