Adversity is just an opportunity

The acceptance of the MasterThere is no adversity in life. There is only opportunity! That which we regard to be adversity might be the very lesson we need to learn.

Every person is a unique entity, a totality unto himself; each must accept responsibility for himself and his weaknesses. From that day of acceptance, progress starts.

People just don’t accept themselves for what they are. This is the root of all problems and this is the root of all surface suffering that people go through. Once they learn to accept themselves by reaching the deeper layers of the mind, all the things that happen on the relative conscious level are automatically accepted.

When we accept the principle, “I have conditioned my mind and I have become dependent on that conditioning,” then only with that acceptance, will we do something about it. Then we will cease to stagnate. We have to “uncondition” the conditioning.


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