The ego cannot exist by itself

Pompas-de-jabonThe ego is nothing but a totality of impressions that have come together, not only in this lifetime, but through many lifetimes.

Remember that the ego, in itself, is not bad. The ego is the grosser aspect; yet it also has a finer aspect. So, coming to terms with the ego, by itself, for itself, with itself, means that you use the subtler aspect to overcome the grosser aspects of the ego. Now, the subtler aspect of the ego can be equated with smooth silk, and the grosser aspects with very coarse cloth.

The ego cannot exist by itself. The ego is not self-luminous. The ego borrows light. It lives on borrowed glory, and therefore deludes itself into thinking that it can find permanency in time and space. Now, what do we do about the ego? I am going to put forth to you a totally new proposition. Philosophies tell you, annihilate the ego, and when it is destroyed then your real Self will shine out. Destroy the small “I” and the big “I” is there. That is a fallacy. I say, do not destroy the ego, preserve the ego and yet find that which is ego-less.

We cannot annihilate the ego; it is indestructible. However, we can expand it, like a piece of rubber that can be stretched until it becomes transparent. If it is unstretched it is opaque and light cannot shine through. But when sufficiently stretched, it assumes a clarity whereby the full light of the kingdom of heaven within shines through the individual self. The window is spotless and the light shines through in full force. The light is so powerful that the glass is not even noticed, and yet it still exists. Living as an individual being, one can find within himself the real “I,” the real kingdom of heaven, and although having individual limitations, can live in that silence, peace, and joy of the universe.


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