The 20 Times satsang III

The thought that found it’s own existence and that still carries on and on..

Must we give up all attachments to become self realized3
Must we give up all attachments to become self realized3

There are so many automatic processes going on in this universe of ours, even within your own bodies, that you are not even aware of. How much are you aware of your heart beating? Unless you get a pain, then you become aware. So your awareness lies in the pain, but not in the very object itself, of that beautifully pulsating heart. And Dr. Padmini will tell us how many gallons of blood it pumps throughout the body in 24 hours. And yet we are not aware of it.

How many people are really aware of themselves breathing? You’re not. How many are aware of their own thoughts? They think that they think, but what are the mechanics of thought? Where do thoughts originate? How have they come about? What is the mechanism within that makes a thought form itself into a conscious thought? There is so, so much involved far, far deeper down within yourselves, where you go back and further back and further back to the original thought which, by the way, was not thought of by anybody or any being. It found its existence by itself, and that very thought force that found its own existence is still carrying on and on and on, and it will carry on till eternity. So be glad you have this little ego so at least you have some little cognition of what’s happening around you, or perhaps what’s happening to a very limited degree what is within you.

So here we come to the basic premise. I do not know who I am, I do not know what life is, I do not know the force that’s involved in the creation or manifestation of life. These are vital issues of which people know nothing about. And yet all theologies go on saying,»Man know thyself.» But it doesn’t answer you. It makes an injunction. It commands you, man know thyself. But does it answer you who is really yourself? Does it show you the techniques in how to know yourself?

Most of these theologies can be thrown away. They were formulations of unrealized men, or women, for that matter. Because if they were self‑realized, they will tell you the why and the wherefore of things. When they say man, know thyself, it must explain you who is thyself and what force is there that governs the self.

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