Learning to respond to thee

In a GardenWhen we are unjust to another, we are being violent to that person. Being violent to the person, we are stealing the peace of that person. What greater theft can there be than stealing someone’s peace?

To be able to really love, you must start knowing yourself. If you cannot know yourself, how can you expect to know the object of your love?

Loving one’s husband or wife is service. When service is there, automatically the beautiful quality of devotion develops, and that devotion can lead to worship. We can worship the abstract through the concrete medium of loving those who are closest to us.

Devotion is the expression of love, selfless love. Devotion is the desire to become one with another.

When we react, we are acting from the periphery. But when we respond, we are responding from the center. There lies the difference, for the mind is peripheral; it acts from the circumference, while response comes from the center, and that is where we want to be, in the center. For you are the center of the universe; there is no limitation to you at all.

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