Getting back to our primal innocence

Gururaj_the_Hayes_1Man forever wants to know. Even if the mind does not ask it, there is an inward urge which shouts out all the time to ask one question only, and that question is, “Who am I?”

Divinity is there. The only qualification needed by a person to find his inner self is sincere seeking.

To get back to our primal innocence is the duty and purpose of life

It is very seldom that those who are knowledgeable, and proud of it, will reach the kingdom of Heaven.

The signposts are there, but it is not necessary to see them or know them. You are still on the path, a pathless path. It is just the cleaning of all the dirt that has gathered around you; it is taking a bath. And once the dirt is washed off, you are clean, pure, and naked as the innocent child . . . no wiles, no fancies, no whims . . . just love.

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