Peaceful relationships

Other people do not have to change for us to experience peace of mind.

Gururaj_blanco_negro_13If a person says an awkward or bad word to you understand that the person’s mind is not on the right level. We need never allow it to affect us. When we can view things objectively, then anger disappears; as our hearts expand, love comes. And then naturally, there is no place for anger, and your reaction will be one of compassion.

Once need is removed from a relationship, the underlying factor of pure love shines through.

If I think anything of another person then I must surely know that those are my thoughts, and what apparently seems to be misery could be great joy. How can we judge the so called misery a person is going through? Is it not what that person has brought upon himself? It could be beneficial to the person so he could learn the kind of lessons that are needed by him.


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