Imagining what what we are not

Be what we are not

They are always trying to imagine themselves in a different position.  In other words, it means that they always try to imagine what they are not at that moment.  A person has a job as a lobbyist in the Senate.  Fine.  Look at the wonderful, interesting people you are meeting, lobbying around with them. How many beautiful exchanges of ideas.  How much it could enrich one’s mind.  Real riches can be found in that communication where you, with the spirituality awakened in you, could impart so much. Even in that lobbying where you could put a person’s thinking straight ‑‑ so subtly, so beautifully, for the meditators do this so unconsciously without effort that with whatever they do there is also such a pouring of the inner self ‑‑ their spiritual self ‑‑ in it.  It pours with it, and those very vibrations can alter the thoughts of so many people that rule the country.  A subtle influence that you are contributing to something so beautiful, for a true meditator will always in all his actions convey that force that is within.  But now, the lobbyist would think, «Oh, I wish I could be the personal secretary of the President.»  Why?  Why?  What’s it necessary for to be the personal secretary of the President or whoever.  It’s not important, or any other kind of job for that matter.  It’s not important because the happiness in man is not in the job. Happiness in every person is in what we are, what is in us, and it is we that make the job situation happy or unhappy.
Many a lawyer would have loved to have been a doctor.  Many a doctor would have loved to have been an architect.  And like that it goes on.  Yes.  Many a salesman, you know, would like to have been a carpenter.  And many of them achieve it.  Why not?  Why not?  But let it not be a craving.  Let it not be a deep desire which disturbs you emotionally, for by that you’re not getting rid of the seeds of the karma or the impressions or past experiences. You’re only strengthening them, and by strengthening them you got to carry on for millions and millions and millions of years suffering, suffering, suffering ‑‑ unnecessary misery created by one’s self.  I, myself, if it comes to the push, I will go and sweep streets, and I would not be ashamed of it because I feel that a street sweeper does a greater service than the doctor. Yes.  A street sweeper, creating greater hygiene, prevents diseases while the doctor only tries to cure them.  So, is prevention not better than cure?

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