Good karma, bad karma

Gururaj_familiaIt is not only bad karma that has brought you into an awkward circumstance, but it could also be good karma that puts you into an awkward circumstance. Why are you in that awkward circumstance? To evolve you more, to bring you to a greater state of happiness in the long run.

Even the most awkward or difficult situations have a message for you. Meditate, and become more integrated so that you can discover and understand this message. If we can just stop being involved in our “little selves” all the time, then a vast panorama will open up.

Many acts can be performed which leave no impression on the mind whatsoever, and when an act leaves no impression on the mind, then that karma is nonbinding. That is what we are after. We want to unbind ourselves from all karmic debts, and it is by unbinding ourselves that we become boundless.


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