Fear and negative emotions


Fear is based upon our inadequacies

Gururaj_sonrisa_y_whiskySo the basis of fear is based upon our inadequacies, and inadequacy is itself a fear.  The basis of fear is insecurity, and insecurity is itself is a fear.  Good.  That can be got rid of by strengthening ourselves, by developing a greater awareness, by developing a greater integration between mind, body and spirit, by gaining a greater understanding of what life is all about.  And by integration and understanding, the heart expands.  And in that expansion and greater awareness, fear would become less, and less and less.  Now this is so easy to talk about, but so difficult to do.  It requires, it requires years and years and years of practice for many people.  To some, it comes much quicker, depending upon one’s evolution, at what state of evolution we are in.  Good, to those at a higher stage of evolution, to become fearless would be easy.  To those who are still floundering they would take a bit longer, because the day when man becomes fearless then his ego is subdued.  And when the ego is subdued, he becomes self-realised.  Good.

The basis, the root of the fear must be up-rooted.  Good.  You can analyse and get rid of one fear, but that may be surface fear.  Good, but have we got rid of the root, because if the root is still there, it will manifest again and again in different forms.  Today you fear a cat, tomorrow you will fear a dog, and day after you will fear something else.  So it is only by self integration, sincere devoted spiritual practices that we can eradicate the root, the basis that causes all kinds of fears.  Good.  And once the root is gone, once the root is destroyed then no kind of fear can over take us.  And then the sense of preservation of the ego is not there.  The very man who fears competition in business, might overcome the competition, but the idea of fear is not gone.  Good.  Once he overcomes the competition, some other kind of fear will get hold of him, and so it goes on, and on.  But one has to get rid of the basis of fear, and to get rid of the basis of fear, would be through self analysis firstly, self integration most importantly, and then the ego is automatically lost, merged away in that ocean, which is called love and fearlessness, and there’s no place for fear left then.  Okay.  Fine.  Next?  Haven’t you got written questions today?

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