The absolute

fulness(9)But yet as a flower would, like, or has as its nature to give off fragrance, so that primal energy also by its very nature the absolute, expresses itself by its very nature, to give off the fragrance which we call relativity or which we call Jesus.

Discipulos_puya_flores_y_velasSo the difference between Jesus and the consciousness, the Father, is the difference between relativity and absoluteness. Yet one cannot exist without the other. Fire can never exist without the heat and heat can never exist without the fire.

So therefore there is a total interrelationship between the Son and the Father. But when the Son can assume the totality or the completeness, the wholeness by integration and through spiritual practices, when that entity could grasp, realise within himself the totality of what is, then the Son could say «I and my Father are one».

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