The element within the ‘I’

fulness(4)Gururaj: Jesus said, «I myself do nothing and it is the Father that acts». What is the meaning of the ‘I’ that Jesus was talking about? And what did he mean by the Father?

Gururaj_boda_6_recorteFor the ‘I’, the ego self of man has non-reality, yet viewed from the relative aspect, it is real.

So the element within the ‘I’ is this, that it is and it is not. So that which is forever changing could never have permanent value and because of its changefulness, it loses all its value in permanency.

So when a person acts, does something, he thinks that he is doing. I lift my hand and I think that I am lifting my hand.

Now who is it that thinks? The thinker here is the ego self. And when the ego self thinks, then how valid is the thought of the thinker when the thinker himself does not have much value. Because of his transiency, it cannot assume the value of permanency and because of the non-permanent aspect of himself, he cannot be the doer.

Gururaj_boda_6 Now the ego acts in the relative field of life with the assumption that ‘I am it all’ and that is the greatest delusion that produces all the misery and suffering in the world.

For firstly the ego is nothing else but a collection of thoughts and impressions, impressions and thoughts gained over ages and ages and which translate themselves in its physical aspect.

Now this very collection of thoughts, although thoughts too are matter, there is no difference between the physical and the mental and in essence, but the difference lies in grossness and subtlety.

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