I am the instrument

Gururaj PosingThe confusion lies in assuming that I am the doer, when in reality I am not the doer, I am the instrument.

Do not be attached to action, it is only experience.

What happens to most people is that they are tossed around in the sea of life by time and space, not realizing this: “My being tossed around is caused by me.”

So what do I do to my boat? I build a rudder, and that rudder comes about by proper understanding and meditational and spiritual practices: so that now, even in the movement of time and space that used to toss me around helplessly, I am not the servant of it, for I can be still. That is the secret of life.

The purpose of meditation is to find strength. For in the modification that the soul has to go through, one needs strength to bear the consequences of the changes; and it is not always very pleasant. But change has to be there, sooner or later, and if one gains the inner strength through meditation, then the changes which occur in life are easily borne. One has to bear one’s own cross, but it has its own rewards. This is a great truth.

When greater integration takes place within a person, he becomes less dependent on an external source. He becomes independent because the force, the power, and the energy that he is utilizing do not come from the outside, but from within himself.


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